We are a fast-growing full service innovative digital transformation web application agency (wow, that title is a mouthful).


The more the merrier.

Unbrace is a fast-growing company and we are always (yes, always!) looking for new talent to join our team. Old or young, experienced or junior, woman or man, if you’re smart, creative, eager to learn and willing to work hard (and play hard), head over to our jobs section and apply today!


At your (full) service.

We’re not just a web development agency. Together with our strategists, analysts, project managers, designers and developers we are here to offer a full-service approach. It doesn’t matter if your idea is still vague, or if your project just needs some finishing touches. We strongly believe working closely with our customers and engaging in co-creation and ideation to achieve the best results.



You’ve probably heard of ‹ insert new technology here > Exciting, right? We have heard of ‹insert new technology here > as well and we’ve become quite experienced with it. Whether it’s Internet of Things, Blockchain or ‹insert new technology here >, Unbrace is here to help develop the best use cases using the latest technologies


Let's get digital.

Change is a good thing, and it’s going to happen whether you pursue it or not. Modern enterprises succeed when they adapt to industry and market shifts and embrace new technology into their company culture. At Unbrace, we live and breathe Digital Transformation, but we also understand that it’s not only about technology. It’s about bringing together the power of technology with a top-notch user experience, which is the best way to keep employees and customers involved and engaged.


Focus makes perfect.

Like most development companies, we’ve had a chance to do projects in multiple industries. And yes, we did a great job. But we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads we could’ve done even better. We realized that knowing our customers and understanding their business is what turns good web applications into awesome apps. With a strong focus towards the telecommunications, ICT and logistics industries, Unbrace specializes in Digital Transformation software, IT Innovation and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Together with pioneers like Proximus and NxtPort, we are making the world more digital, bit by bit.


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